Who’s doing what, where.

The world of entrepreneurship is too fluid to ever capture completely in real-time, but a new website is coming closer than anything else has.

StartupBlink, which launched last year out of Switzerland, is an ambitious attempt to map the entire global entrepreneurial ecosystem, including startups, incubators and accelerators, coworking spaces, freelancers, influencers, jobs etc. It was started by Roderick Warren and Eli David and is being championed by Guy Kawasaki.

StartupBlink: World of Startups

The site allows viewers to filter by location and the type of information they’re looking for. i.e. South American accelerators that invest $10K to $25K in client companies. Members can post updates and information about themselves (“blinks”) as well, though it’s not intended to be a social network.

Its founders say it differs from existing directories such as AngelList and CrunchBase because it’s not tied to VC funding and offers greater visibility to startups not pursing VC. StartupBlink has an estimated 70.000 entries. It allows entities to register themselves, but also scrapes information from various partnerships and APIs.


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