How women are creating their own entrepreneurial ecosystem.

One of the most encouraging responses to gender inequities and bias (intentional or not) in Silicon Valley and venture capital has been the rise of an alternative network of angel groups, incubators, accelerators and networking and mentoring organizations that focus on women entrepreneurs. Beginning today and continuing through Friday, ID8 Nation will publish interviews with four women helping to build this alternative ecosystem.

Here’s the lineup:
Tues., Feb. 24 — Sue Heilbronner of MergeLane in Boulder
Wed., Feb. 25 — Dr. Mary Jo Gorman of Prosper St. Louis
Thurs., Feb. 26 — Vicki Saunders of SheEO in Toronto
Fri., Feb. 27 — Amy Millman of Springboard Enterprises in Washington D.C.

Please join us and see what these women have to say.


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