Two navy vets are turning bullet casings into a business.

For first-time entrepreneurs, Erik Spalding and Cole Evans are remarkably confident.

Their background as Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers has a lot to do with it. They are used to dealing with high stakes and the military has taught them to be flexible in accomplishing their goals.

After leaving the Navy in 2010, the friends started a business, Bullets2Bandages, that combines patriotism with gun rights and charity. They manufacture bottle openers, necklaces and other accessories from used .50-caliber bullet casings and other military equipment. They recently added a line of pro-gun T-shirts.

The online retailer housed in an office park in a gritty section of San Diego donates 15 percent of sales to charities for veterans.

Spalding and Evans discuss why they skipped business school and the importance of “Semper Gumby.”



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